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The Woodshop

My fiancé wish is to build his own woodshop, one that is at least two times bigger then the one he had build at his previous house. He planned the construction, material and keeping in mind that he wants it to look like a part of our house and in the 30th style.

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The hallway

The very first time we where in our house we found remains of a terrazzo floor under layers of carpet in our hallway. One of the features that we wish to restore. Even though the hallway was not first on our list to start with. We could not resist the temptation to see what was left of the terrazzo floor.

It was a disappointment to find out that there where carpet tiles glued on top of the terrazzo floor. The baseboard was painted in yellow. With water, soap, glass scraper and strong determination we started to scratch off the carpet and paint.

We found a beautiful pattern in the floor with a few characteristic cracks. Unfortunately there is also a bit missing. The previous owners drilled a bit of the baseboard out. We have made a good start in renovating the hallway. The next step will be to polish the terrazzo floor.

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Roaster “Wenum”

We have moved to the country side, finally we would be able to have a roaster without being worried about neighbors. We have bought Wenum as a small chick of 3 weeks. The other older ladies first did not like him at all and tried to chase him or peck him.

Lucky that Isabelle, our only Brahma chicken, was broody. She accepted Wenum as her chick and became very protective over him. When Wenum was chased by the other chickens, she stood between them. They became a pair that could not be separated.

Wenum is growing strong and is now a tall roaster that is slowly climbing up in the hierarchy. He is appearing to chase the chickens but doesn’t have a clue what to do next. We can’t wait to see him fully grown.

Wenum is a wyandotte blue laced gold roaster.

Only 3 weeks old “Wenum”
wenum and Isabelle
Wenum and mum Isabelle
Wenum, 2 months old.