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Roaster “Wenum”

We have moved to the country side, finally we would be able to have a roaster without being worried about neighbors. We have bought Wenum as a small chick of 3 weeks. The other older ladies first did not like him at all and tried to chase him or peck him.

Lucky that Isabelle, our only Brahma chicken, was broody. She accepted Wenum as her chick and became very protective over him. When Wenum was chased by the other chickens, she stood between them. They became a pair that could not be separated.

Wenum is growing strong and is now a tall roaster that is slowly climbing up in the hierarchy. He is appearing to chase the chickens but doesn’t have a clue what to do next. We can’t wait to see him fully grown.

Wenum is a wyandotte blue laced gold roaster.

Only 3 weeks old “Wenum”
wenum and Isabelle
Wenum and mum Isabelle
Wenum, 2 months old.

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